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Playground Creations, Inc. helps commercial parks, schools, recreation departments and more design, build, install and furnish exciting playgrounds in the state of Georgia. Our team works closely with clients to turn their playground visions into a reality representing state-oftt-the-art playground equipment by Landscape Structures as well as other supporting products such as park accessories, surfacing, shade structures and sports equipment.

Landscape Forms Site Furnishings

Landscape forms has earned a reputation for innovative, high design, exceptional products that address the needs of customers and provide amenities for playgrounds and other outdoor spaces.

Shade and Shelter

Cool off and block the sun on your playground during the hot days with our quality shade products. Our CoolToppers and SkyWays selections are beautifully designed to give breaks from the heat and sun. You may also select a shade structure that includes a cool misting spray.


To accompany your playground, provide a strong shock-absorbing surface to protect you children from injuries and allow them to play safely and freely . Our PebbleFlex uses an advanced technology designed to bond together pebbles and create a high- performance long-lasting surface. The AquaFlex , is a porous surface that is best choice for water play areas and pool decks.

Iron Age Designs

Iron Age Designs provides decorative drain grates, tree grates, and other architectural castings, both standard and custom, for public and residential use.

Landscape Forms Lighting

Landscape Forms manufactures a wide array of outdoor lighting including luminaries in classic, contemporary and transitional styles.

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