New playground equipment


GeoPlex Kids of ages from 5-12 can play and climb on this colorful geometric play structure. Children will enjoy climbing on the interesting abstract towers which may be attached to nets, play decks and posts on the play structure.

ZipKrooz Playground Zip Line

The Zipkrooz brings adventure for 5-12 year olds giving them a safe, smooth exciting ride which allows singles or doubles going two-ways for a long fun ride.

Rhapsody™ – Vivo™ Metallophone

Vivo™ Metallophone Young musicians can use a mallet on the Metallophone to create a song or sound out their favorite tune all together with friends or individually. Everyone involved will experience the beautiful notes on the outdoor musical playground.

Rhapsody™ – Goblet Drum

The shape of the drum is like a goblet and when played it makes unique percussive sounds. Kids may play the Goblet Drum with their fingers or hands because the drum’s skins are made to endure extreme temperatures and rough play. The drums are wheelchair accessible and are part of the Rhapsody Outdoor Musical Instruments Collection.

SkyWays Shade Structure

The Skyway Shade Structure is one of the largest shade products that offers exceptional customizable coverage for playgrounds, ball field stands, beach areas and most any outdoor environment that needs shade from the sun and heat.

HealthBeat® Balance Steps

The HealthBeat® Balance Steps were created and designed for teens and adults of all fitness levels and help to build better balance and better coordination at the park or on the playground. The steps now require three fewer footers, resulting in an easier, faster and cost-effective installation.