Additional Features

Expand your playground's benefits to health, learning, engagement and excitement with structures that include sports & fitness, splash pads & water play, sensory play and musical instruments.

Fitness Equipment

Our sports and fitness playground equipment adds a physical challenge for both children and adults who want to grow and improve their physical health. Our fitness products may be found at schools, churches, recreation centers, fitness centers, hotels, resorts, campgrounds, neighborhoods, community parks, amusements parks and more.

Splash Pads and Water Parks

Explore our water play for all ages. Our splash pads and water park products offer an array of entertaining water features including slides, sprays, fountains, climbers, domes, arch bars, hoops, dumping buckets and even more.

Sensory Play

Sensory play playground products help children with Autism or Sensory Processing Disorders explore, discover and stimulate their senses while having fun. We offer stimulating interactive play equipment which includes musical instruments, Fossil Digs, multisensory interactive games, learning play centers with tactile elements, tubes, tunnels, domes, sand tables to name a few. Inclusive play structures are intermingled with all of our playground products.

Musical Instruments

Kids and adults of all ages can join the band with our superior collection of chimes, metallophones and drums. Explore the power of rhythm, experience subtle shifts in tone and discover the many ways individual sounds can be creatively combined. Great for playgrounds, community centers, schools, senior centers or other public spaces.

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